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Welcome to the RJC PAC Portal!

The RJC PAC Portal enables RJC members to donate directly to Republican members of Congress and candidates for President/Senate/House. When a RJC member donates through the portal, the contribution goes directly to the campaign selected, and the campaign will recognize and acknowledge the individual donation. Because the donation is made through the RJC PAC, the campaign also knows that it came from an RJC member who cares about the RJC’s priority issues. That makes your donation a force-multiplier. This branded financial bundling is critical to letting our GOP friends know that the Republican Jewish community has their backs!
Donating through the RJC PAC Portal is easy. Click the “X” on this window and then search by name, filter by state, or our featured and endorsee list. Select the Republicans you would like to support and follow the prompts to make your donation(s). RJC staff is also happy to walk you through the process if you run into any issues. Contact Daniel Magat at DMagat@RJCHQ.org if you need assistance.