Bernie Moreno

The contrast between Bernie Moreno and Sherrod Brown is stark. 

Bernie Moreno is a true political outsider. Sherrod Brown has been in elected office since 1974 and votes with Joe Biden 98 percent of the time.

Bernie Moreno is a trusted friend of the Jewish community and an unwavering supporter of Israel. Sherrod Brown opposed President Trump tearing up the disastrous Iran nuclear deal with the genocidal mullahs in Tehran; and importantly, as Israel responded to the barbaric October 7, 2023 Hamas terrorist attacks, Sherrod Brown joined a November, 2023 letter questioning and undermining the Jewish state’s operations inside Gaza to defeat Hamas. This doesn’t come as a surprise to those of us who know the real Sherrod Brown, as he headlined far left anti-Israel J Street’s “Cleveland Chapter Launch” in 2020 and has been given the notorious title of “a strong J Street ally.”

Bernie Moreno wants to secure the border, stop amnesty, and destroy the drug cartels. Sherrod Brown has given book royalties for nearly two decades to a group whose director has pushed for defunding police departments and abolishing ICE. 

Bernie Moreno is a proven business leader. Sherrod Brown illegally claimed multiple owner-occupancy tax credits and failed to pay his taxes on time on his Cleveland home seven times since 2013.

The choice is clear. RJC looks forward to turning out Jewish voters in Ohio, from Cleveland to Columbus to Cincinnati, for Bernie Moreno this November.