Rep. Carlos Gimenez

Congressman Carlos Gimenez proudly represents the people of Florida’s 28th Congressional District. First elected to Congress in 2020, he serves on the House Armed Services Committee, the Homeland Security Committee, and the House Select Committee on Strategic Competition between the US & the Chinese Communist Party. He is the first career firefighter paramedic to ever serve in Congress. 

Congressman Gimenez began his journey of public service in 1975 when he joined the City of Miami Fire Department. There, he embarked on a 25-year career as a firefighter in his community, with the last nine years of his tenure as Chief of the department – the first Cuban-American to do so. In 2000, he was appointed Manager of the City of Miami, and In the summer of 2011, he was elected as Mayor of Miami-Dade County, the highest-ranking official of Florida’s largest county.