Rep. Carol Miller

We are proud to endorse Congresswoman Carol Miller – a fierce advocate for her West Virginia constituents and a strong ally to the Jewish community. 

Miller developed her effective legislative skills as a member of the state legislature. Now in her third term in the U.S. House of Representatives, she is hitting her stride as a member of the influential Ways and Means committee. Congresswoman Miller been a reliable supporter of pro-Israel measures – most recently the newly enacted Israel Supplemental Appropriations Act. And she understands that America must continue to lead in a dangerous world.

Congresswoman Miller is being challenged by Derrick Evans, a convicted felon and fringe extremist who believes it’s reasonable to conclude that “Israel had a whole lot to do with January 6” and that we need to investigate whether “Jews stole the [2020] election.” For such a person to become a Congressman would be an embarrassment for Republicans nation-wide. But it’s West Virginians who would be hurt the most if a dependable conservative like Carol Miller were to be replaced by a criminal provocateur.

We urge voters in WV-01 to support Rep. Carol Miller in the May 14th GOP primary.