Donald Trump

Today, in the aftermath of the October 7th Hamas terrorist attack, support for the Jewish community and the State of Israel is more important than ever. Donald J. Trump is the trusted friend we need in these perilous times.

Donald J. Trump will be a President of prosperity, security, and peace through strength. We know this because of his lengthy and trailblazing record of foreign and domestic policy achievements.

Joe Biden and the Democratic Party have failed miserably. The world is on fire, from the Middle East to Europe to the Indo-Pacific. Our southern border is an unmitigated catastrophe as hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants flood into the country. American cities and law enforcement are overwhelmed by skyrocketing crime, as the rate of antisemitic hate crimes continues to break record highs. Costs of living are unbearably high for millions of hard-working American families as so-called “Bidenomics” leaves them in the economic wilderness.

Importantly, Joe Biden has proven that he cannot be trusted on issues of urgent concern regarding Israel. In just the past few months, Biden has: embraced the BDS movement’s anti-Israel premises by overturning the Trump-Pompeo Doctrine, which recognized that according to international law, Israelis have a right to live in Judea and Samaria; shamefully sanctioned Israelis by a first-of-its-kind executive order; pressured Israel to recognize a Palestinian state, which would reward Hamas’ barbarism; and said that Israel’s response to Hamas terrorists in Gaza has been “over the top”, even though – according to John Spencer, the chair of urban warfare studies at West Point – the Jewish state has done more to prevent civilian casualties than any military in history.

In these dangerous times for the Jewish state, Biden’s lousy record stands in stark contrast to President Trump’s historic policy accomplishments, which strengthened the US-Israel relationship, including: the Abraham Accords peace agreements, moving the US embassy to Jerusalem and recognizing Jerusalem as the eternal capital of the Jewish people, and recognizing Israeli sovereignty over the strategic Golan Heights.

Ronald Reagan famously simplified the choice for President into a single question: “Are you better off today than you were four years ago?” For too many Americans, the answer is a resounding “NO.” But by supporting Donald J. Trump together, we can chart a better direction for our country.

The RJC stands with Donald J. Trump as he campaigns to rebuild our economy, unleash energy dominance, secure the border, stop crime and restore safety, stand strongly with Israel, and renew American leadership and strength on the world stage.