Jeff Gunter

Dr. Jeff Gunter is an American healthcare executive, philanthropist, diplomat, and former U.S. Ambassador under President Donald Trump serving as the 24th United States Ambassador to Iceland.

In 2019, Ambassador Gunter was unanimously confirmed by the United States Senate and served as Ambassador from 2019-2021. During his highly regarded tenure, he was involved in national security initiatives in the High North competing in the great power struggle with China and Russia, and successfully completing the new US Embassy in Reykjavik with zero COVID infections and zero deaths.

On Israel, he has been a proactive supporter his entire life. Ambassador Gunter is the grandson of Jewish immigrants. Many of his extended family were killed in the Minsk massacres of the Holocaust.

Ambassador Gunter is proud to serve on the National Board of Directors for the Republican Jewish Coalition for the past 15 years in leadership positions, where he was honored and received the Ronald Reagan Leadership Award in 2015.

When elected as the next US Senator from Nevada, Ambassador Gunter will turn around the Nevada economy, reduce inflation, build the wall, eliminate Fentanyl from our streets, and be a constant and persistent voice for conservative values.