Nella Domenici

Nella Domenici began her career at the bottom and worked her way up through the complex finance world, where she eventually served as CFO for one of the world’s largest, most successful investment firms. In her career, she has advised, invested in, grown, and led many companies, and served on public company boards. The industries she has worked in are vast and include areas such as healthcare, AI, food service, lodging, commercial real estate, mortgage lending, and consumer products. These companies have ranged from small family-owned businesses, to rapidly growing venture backed enterprises, to a Fortune 200 company. Several of these have been headquartered in New Mexico. Collectively, the companies she has been heavily involved with have employed thousands of Americans.

She is uniquely prepared and qualified to fight for a significantly improved New Mexican economy. Her professional experience and education enables her to deeply understand taxation, inflation, setting and managing huge budgets and creating incentives and benefits that serve employees, and attract new businesses and entrepreneurs.