Rep. Nick LaLota

The RJC is proud to endorse Congressman Nick LaLota, one of the impressive New York Republicans whose 2022 victory gave the GOP a majority in the House. He’s been an unflinching supporter of Israel’s right of self-defense and he’s spoken out on the problem of antisemitism on campus. He’s off to a strong start in the seat previously held by Jewish Republican Congressman Lee Zeldin. 

Nick LaLota is a proud Navy veteran with a record of public service, integrity, and commitment to the people of NY-1. He is an asset to the House Armed Forces Committee, the House Homeland Security Committee, and the House Small Business Committee and a dedicated advocate for his constituents. 

Democrats have targeted New York, putting big money and big-name liberals into the battle for seats the GOP captured last cycle, but Nick LaLota has earned the trust and esteem of the people of NY-1 and particularly the Jewish community of Long Island. We are proud to support him.