Rep. Tom Cole

As chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, Congressman Tom Cole played an indispensable role in passing the Israel Security Supplemental Appropriations Act – the bill to provide $14 billion in emergency aid for Israel’s self-defense war in Gaza.

Now Tom Cole is leading the difficult fight to compel the Biden administration to deliver the promised aid. When Biden announced his weapons embargo against Israel, Cole spoke out strongly, calling on Biden to “stop appeasing terrorists and stand with Israel.” And he led the way to House passage of a bill to require Biden to end his embargo.

Tom Cole is a stalwart ally in the fight against antisemitism. He’s been a strong supporter of the National Security Grant Program that aids so many Jewish institutions. He has also used his platform to challenge what he accurately called in a recently published column, “The Far Left’s Serious Anti-Israel Problem.” 

Tom Cole’s opponent has no record on any of these issues, just like he has no record of living in the district he’s running in. 

Jewish Americans, and all our neighbors who stand with us in supporting the cause of America’s strategic ally Israel’s security, have a stake in keeping Tom Cole right where he is.